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Avengers 4 ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown – Every Detail that you Missed in the Trailer

Avengers 4 ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown

Finally, Avengers 4 ‘s trailer has been launched and as rumored the official Title of the fourth Avengers Movie is Avengers ENDGAME.

 Yes, you are reading right we all know That The Russo Brothers denied about this that Name of Avengers 4 is not used in any of Marvel Movies before but they were just fooling us , the name ENDGAME is Said two times in Marvel movies, First in Avengers: Age Of Ultron By Tony Stark aka Iron Man himself and Second in Avengers:Infinity War By Doctor Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch).

so, finally as the Avengers ENDGAME Teaser Trailer is Launched and I am here to Breakdown this Trailer and I will tell you every single detail that you missed in this trailer.

 As expected this trailer launched on Friday 9 am EST and it broke the Internet as the all count meter on all social sites got stuck. So Now putting Spoilers aside let’s breakdown Avengers ENDGAME.

Avengers ENDGAME Teaser Breakdown, Avengers 4 Trailer Details

So, as expected Avengers ENDGAME teaser is dropped down on Friday and it’s run time is 2:26 minutes long. 

The Video starts with showing Tony Stark(Iron Man) who is stuck somewhere in a spaceship, this spaceship is of Guardians of the galaxy ‘s Bennet R. Tony is recording a message for Pepper Pots in his broken Iron Man suit ‘s Helmet which was broken while Fighting with Thanos on Titan Planet. Only Tony and Nebula Survived from the Snap of Thanos on the Titan planet, so it could be possible that maybe Nebula could be also there in the spaceship with Tony Stark and they both going to earth and suddenly their spaceship ‘s energy goes down or it could also be possible that Nebula goes in his own way and Tony goes in his own way and while going on earth the energy of the spaceship goes low. 

Ahead Tony says that Food and water were over four days ago and oxygen will also over till tomorrow morning and Saying to Pepper that how much he loves her and he is dying somewhere in the space and maybe someday when she gets the helmet she will see this recording. This is a very emotional moment in this trailer. No one can let Iron Man die somewhere in space, at this point we only have Captain Marvel and Thor who can survive in the space, so maybe someone of them will save tony from here. 

Ahead we see Marvel Studios logo moving into dust which reminds us what happened in the last of  Avengers:Infinity War after Thanos ‘s Snap With Infinity Gauntlet and Next we can see Thanos ‘s Armor Hanging as a Scare Crow in a farm where Thanos is working and ahead we see Thanos’ hand and broken infinity gauntlet which was broken after the Snap-in Infinity war, thanos is walking in a farm and this scene is taken from the comics because in comics Thanos do the same farming in comics.

In Next Scene, we can see tears on Steve Rogers aka Captain America ‘s Eyes and can hear the voice of black widow Natasha Romanoff who is saying that ” Thanos did what exactly he said he was gonna do, wipe out half of the living creatures”. Here she is telling about Snap of infinity gauntlet in Infinity War after that half of the living creatures became dust including our super heroes. 

Everyone is shocked after the events of Avengers Infinity War. we see a closer look of Avengers  Station where Mark Ruffalo ‘s Bruce Banner looking at those who got Undiscovered after the snap of Thanos, here we can see ant man, Shuri and spider man but we all know that Scot lang (ant man) survived from the snap of Thanos in Ant-man and the Wasp. So, he is stuck in Quantum Realm this is why he is undiscovered for the Remaining Avengers this is why they put him in this list. 

Shuri ‘s image shows us she was also one of them who became dust in Avengers Infinity war or maybe she is alive but undiscovered for the remaining people somehow like ant man, this could be possible.
Next, we can see clint barton ‘s Hawkeye who was not in the Avengers Infinity war as Russo brothers said that he is on the other mission. He is somewhere in Japan Or Hongkong China and as rumored we can see his New angry look as he became ronin and killing some people. so, maybe those people killed his family this is why he became ronin and next we can see Natasha who is here to take Hawkeye with him.
Next we can see Steve and Natasha Planning for Something, maybe they are making a plan to Redo all the things happened after Thanos ‘s Snap and they are hoping that it will work because they don’t know what they gonna do if it doesn’t, after this Title of the Avengers 4 is shown as Avengers ENDGAME which was rumored before but when Russo Brothers denied it No One was discussing about it, so here we can say we shouldn’t believe them sometimes.
after this we see the last scene of this trailer as Scot Lang is Standing out side someone ‘s house and Natasha and Captain America is in that house , so after watching Scott ,Steve and Natasha are in shock because they thought that scot was also one of them who became dust but not he didn’t became dust as we saw in Ant-Man and the Wasp, here we can see the same Van which was shown in the Ant-Man and the Wasp and which have a portal to go inside Quantum Realm.
After before ending this trailer we can see the Releasing date of Avengers ENDGAME which is 26th April 2019. this Movie is releasing one week before it was said to be released.
So, overall this trailer was so emotional and if you haven’t watched it yet then you can watch it from here.


             In this article I wrote about the  Avengers 4 ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown – Every Detail that you Missed in the Trailer and I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to share it every single fan of MCU.
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