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Google Chrome ‘s Latest Feature will Make it Faster than Ever

Google Chrome 's Latest Feature will Make it Faster than Ever
Google Chrome ‘s Latest Feature will Make it Faster than Ever
Google Chrome is worldwide most famous Browser in the world. it is also famous because of it’s speed . Chrome is one of the fastest internet browsers in the world and to making it more faster there is a feature that could be added in Google Chrome soon Now you are thinking about that feature,so guys in this article today i am going to tell you about that feature that can make Google Chrome more faster than ever.



so, guys i am lokesh from Tech With Logic and today i am going to tell you about a special feature that can make google chrome faster than ever.


This Feature will Make Google Chrome Faster than Ever !!

Guys Google Chrome is most poppulor browser across the globe. as, this is a product dovelopers of Google Chrome always try to make it better than other compititors. so,chrome canary which is a beta version of google chrome . in that a special feature have been seen by peoples which is “lazy loading” that have been sawn by many canary users. now you are thinking about what is “Lazy Loading” as this post is all about this point lazy loading .i had alredy told you about which is that special feature now let’s talk about what is that special feature “Lazy Loading ? “

what is Lazy Loading ? What is it’s speciallty

Guys lazy loading is a vey special feature that have been sawn in chrome canary.
” chrome canary is essentially build to test new features of google chrome “
developers first test the new features and get reviews by customers through chrome canary and later they provide it to commercially use as that feature sucessfully grant in tests .

lazy loading is one of them features . lazy loading makes to show any browserers to show the sepcific content what they want to see .so, when you try to browse any thing in chrome so the less result you see the less data it will consume and the faster it will load on your web page.

so, this feature is very important to make your browsing much faster than ever because “lazy Loading” will also effect image loading. yes, guys when you will browse any thing in chrome then when you search anything then if “lazy iamge loading” is enabled in your device then it will show you only specific iamge that you wanted to and will not show you some that are out of what you have searched for.
it will also make your browsing less irritational. this will make your browsing faster than ever.
so,yeah guys this was the special feature i want to tell you about.
though it is currently in chrome canary or i say it is in beta version currently so, we don’t know that it will come for commercial use or not or it will come for pc,mac only.No one knows what going to happen but if you want to use it now then you can do that by downloading chrome canary frome Google Play Store. 
just search for
 in chrome canary and just enable it if isn’t yet.
so, yeah that’s for today guys.hope you’d liked it.don’t be cheap and just share it with your friends and i will be back with some another exciting for you next time.

thank you 





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