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How to Buy .com Domain For 99 on GoDaddy ??

How to Buy .com Domain For 99 on GoDaddy ??

Hey, Guys How are You all?
I hope you all are very well.
Guys if you are thinking about building a site. then please go for it and create one right now .as you know the domain is a big part of any website. without a domain name, you can’t create a website. so you need to buy a domain name for your website.


 The domain also helps your website to rank higher. the higher quality domain or I say if you buy TLD or top level domain then your website will rank higher than if you use your host ‘s subdomain. so, you need to buy a domain name if you want to look it like professional and rank it higher in all search engines. so, this is why your domain is as important as your hosting for your website. so now you know that domain is important for your website. now the question comes that where to buy a domain name.

guys, there are a lot of domain name sellers on the internet.but which one you should choose ??
this is may be a problem for you because there are a lot of Big names in the market of Domain Name sellers like Godaddy, BigRock, Namecheap and etc. also the hosting sites also provides you to buy a Domain Name. so, now if you are confused that where should you buy the domain name. who is the best of them all? who sells at the cheapest price?

who I recommend you to buy from?
and other questions are coming at your mind then guys your destination is here. because here in this article today I am going to tell you that
How to BUY .com domain from GoDaddy at  99 ??

Why choose .com domain?

guys maybe you know or not that .com domain is best TLD from all of the Domain Names. also, I recommend you to buy this because it lets your website to rank higher on Search Engine Results.

so, if you want to build your website then you should buy .com domain. also, there are other TLD available like .in and .org so you can check out them also but I’ll still say that you should buy .com because .org is for an ORGANIZATION and .in is for specific country INDIA and .com domain is for worldwide.
 so, if you want to rank your website worldwide then you should buy the .com domain.
so this why you should choose .com domain name for your Website. now as our topic you should that why should buy domain name from GODADDY?

why choose GO DADDY ??

guys, GoDaddy is a big name in domain name and hosting sellers.they are selling domain names from a long time. they provide a lot discount on domain name. so, when you buy any domain name from GoDaddy they provide you with a lot discount then much other domain name seller.they are trustable. as I said, they are selling domain names for a long time.so, this is why they are very trustable and you can’t get trust in one day it takes time for someone to trust.
 you can check out their customer’s reviews. I am also one of their customers and I can say I am fully satisfied with them. you can trust them also. their customer service is great .the domain panel is so simple to use and they are giving a huge discount and they are trustworthy. these things make GoDaddy best among all domain name sellers. this is why you should use GoDaddy in place of other domain name sellers.
so, now I told you everything about GoDaddy and .com domain so, move to our topic that how can you buy a domain name from go daddy at only 99 rupees?
so without wasting time let’s start.

how to buy .com domain from GoDaddy at 99/-?

guys here I will you everything step by step that how can you buy your domain name from Godaddy at only 99 rupees.
so first start with the first step.

step 1:-

guys, first of all, you need to go on godaddy ‘s official website.
and search for your domain name.

guys you need to do research before you buy domain name that which keyword domain name you should buy. if you don’t do research then it will affect your SEO.

 so now on GoDaddy search for your domain name as shown below in the picture.


now move to our next step.

step 2:- 

        once you chose your domain name to add it in the cart. when you reach next page where you will be asked to buy external things like security for your domain etc. so, it depends on you that you want to buy that or not.

so if you don’t want to buy that then scroll down and click on continue. as shown below in the picture.


now move to our next step.

step 3:- 

       guys here your domain will be shown for 2 years. make it for only one year.
then you will see the price of 549 and tax extra.
so now here’s the very important step, just scroll down and click on add coupon and fill this code

And click on apply and BOOm as you can see below your final price will be 99 and tax extra.now you can make payment by

any method you are comfortable with.
you can create account by your google account. so buy now and create an amazing website and start earning money today.

so, that’s all today I want to tell you guys, hope it was useful for you. don’t forget to share it with your friends.thank you for reading this.