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How to buy .ooo (dot ooo) domain Free


How to buy .ooo (dot ooo) domain Free

If you want to make your site to rank higher in search engines, domain name plays an amazing role in it. The more top-level domain name you have the higher your site will rank in search engines.

Hello guys, as always I am back with another exciting article post for you and I can bet this is soo much important for you. If you own a website or you are running a blog on blogger. Then this post is very important for you guys. You already know that top level domain ( TLD) plays a big role in making your site rank higher and get organic traffic on your site and also making your site look professional a top-level domain is required.
So, what if I tell you that you can top-level domain for free for 1 year. Yes, guys, I am not joking, after reading this post you’ll able to buy a top-level domain for free for 1 year. Yes, guys, there is a site called Buy.ooo which is giving domain names for free for 1 year. This domain name company is recently launched and to grow up around the world this website is giving domain names free for 1 year. Don’t confuse about its extension guys because as reports say that this domain name is the future of domains.
And also guys you will able to get Adsense approval on this domain name. This website is giving domain names only until 29th of July so guys go fast and buy this dot ooo domain so that you can rank your blog /website higher on search engines.



Why choose dot ooo domain 

Yes, guys, everyone has a question that why to choose this domain instead of other domain. So guys first of all this is a promotional event from buying .ooo, so you have to know that this domain is very much expensive than other. Second is it is a top-level domain, not a low-level domain and also you can see in below picture this os SEO friendly and also other things . you can see terms and condition in below picture.

Now here are the steps that how can you buy .ooo free!!!

Step 1.
           Guys the first step is that go on their official site buy.ooo  and search for what domain name you are searching for as you can see in below pictures .after selecting your domain name click on check-out as you can see in below pictures.













Step 2.  
            So the second step is when you click on check-out the. You will see a popup like below picture, so if you want to buy email also then choose and if you don’t want anything except free domain name then click on proceed to checkout. 
Step 3. 
           Now click on create an account which is so simple you just have to fill up your information as you can see in below pictures.to verify your account go to in tour Gmail and click on email came to you. 
Step 4. 
           Now back to your page and now proceed to check out and there will some other e-mail in your mailbox  To verify your id. 
And that is it you had bought now .ooo domain. 
So this was a short information for them who haven’t know about this, hope you’d like this article and if you have any concern then don’t feel shy to ask them in comments… Thank you



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