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How to Create A Blog Website On Blogger for Free in 2019

How to Create A Blog Website On Blogger for Free in 2019

In the present time, everyone wants to earn money by making a Website. Website building is very tough in a way .there are many methods for making a website like with coding, WordPress, Drupal and Blogger and many much also. WordPress is most using Platform for making Websites. But everyone can understand WordPress so, for those people there is Blogger.Blogger is the easiest Platform for making Blog Website. So, today I am going to teach you how to make a blog /Website for free on blogger.

Hello, Everyone, I know that this topic is very Old and you’ll find many Other Articles on it. But on this site, I am starting a whole series about Blogger. So I have to start from Beginning and yes there are a lot of people who still don’t know how to make a website on blogger.
This is the Reason I am making an article on this.

So, first of all, I want to Tell you that website is made of Domain + Hosting.
Here on blogger which is also a product of Google provide us hosting for free and also a subdomain for our site .but if you want to make your site rank on google above you have to buy a domain Name like .com, .in,.us or else you can Search about it what you want.

It is very easy to make a blog site on blogger but for making it rank on google you have to work hard a lot.
So, if you are Ready to Let’s Start-

First of all, you to go on Blogger .com or you can search on google for blogger just like as shown below in the picture.

Then you have to connect your Google account or I say Gmail account with it. Then you will see a screen in the middle of that you  will see an option written
Click on that, then you’ll see a screen which is as shown Below.

In Name of Blog you have to chose what you want your Blog Name should be, it should be Unique, so you have to ready for it before that what you want your blog Website Name should be.
Next, you have to provide a unique name that Casina with Blogspot.com as your website Url or Domain name.
Then you have to choose a theme for Your Blog Website and That’s it Now click on Okay.
And your Website blog is Created Now it Depends on you How good you Customise your site it’ll take a lot of time to show it like professional,
And here on Our site, We’ll teach you how to Do this also.
So don’t forget to subscribe through emails.
Next one we ‘ll tell you how to customise it.
And also How to Earn Money through it.

And also Guys if you want to make all this on your Android Smartphone there is an app for it which you can download Via Google Play Store  called Blogger shown Below
Thank you so much for Reading this we’ll back to you soon.


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