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How to do Complete Blogger SEO IN 2019

How to do Complete Blogger SEO IN 2019

Hey guys, Wel Welcome back at Tech With Logic. So, as I told you in our last post I am continuing to tell you more about Blogger.

In our last post, I’d tell you How to Create a Blogger Blog. So, if you had not read it yet 


So, Now we Created a Blog. Now if we want our Blog to Rank Higher in Google Search Engine or Yahoo or Bing Search Engine we Need to Optimise it.
Seo is Very important for Any website because it lets your website at top of the search a and then you Website Gets Traffic. And because of traffic to you will Earn Money.
So this is why er are doing Seo for our Blogger Blog/ website, Here On Our Website we let you learn everything in step by step. First, we learnt How to Create a blog Now we are Optimisation for Seo Later we ‘ll do How to post on it and How to make money with it 
How to submit it to Google Search console and many more.
Because there is No End of the Internet. And if you have Knowledge then you can Explore it more and more.
NOW we back on our topic which is How to do Seo of Blog website.
We are going to do it in some simple steps, so, first of all, open your Blogger Account 
Step -1
Go into Settings which is the last Option of your Blog’s Menu, so go into Settings.
As you can see in photo Below.
Step 2:-
           Now you are in the Basic option of Settings so here you have to write Some Description of your Blog Website. Write some Unique Keywords for it, it could be. Anything you can like your Blog is about. Like if your Blog is about Technology add some tech community etc. Keywords, Because this Keywords Gonna makes your Blog on the top of google search.
So, fill the Description and Head towards Next Step as you can see below
STEP 3:-
            Now Go in the Search Preference and there also in Meta Tags Description Copy the same you did in step 2.
As you can see Below in Pictures.
Step 4:-
           Now in Custom Robots .txt fill the same which is written Below just change your site Name, ok
As you can See Below in Pictures.

User-agent: Media partners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://YoursiteName.blogspot.in/sitemap.xml

*Don’t forget to change your Site Name **
Step 5:- 
            This is The last step for it.
You just have to do Copy the Below image in the custom robot, ok 
I think you have got it, that How to do Blogger Seo in 5 simple steps .still have problems then Don’t Feel Shy to ask in Comments, I am going to make the Next Post About Blogger very Soon ,so do allow the Notification so you don’t Miss the Post ,and make Your Blogger At Top of the GOOGLE search engine.
Thank You



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