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How To Play PubG on any Xiaomi device smoothly


How To Play PubG on any Xiaomi device smoothly Hey, Guys, I am back with another exciting Post for you. Today I am gonna tell you that if you have any Xiaomi device then how you can play pub smoothly. PubG is the latest trending Game worldwide. Everyone wants to play this game as it is so much exciting to play. So what happens to those who don’t have high-end specs smartphone and only have budget range under 10k smartphone, Because you can’t easily Run this high-end game Because it is so much power consuming and of 1.3Gb as on google play store. This topic also applicable to other high-end games like sniper fury, asphalt and others. 

So keep Reading this if you want to play PubG on your Budget Xiaomi Device.


So don’t wasting time let’s start……

1. Open Security app in your device
        Guys security app is in all xioamj device as you can see in this picture open this app if you cannot find it then search in all apps in Settings.

2. Find Game booster as shown in below picture
Yes, guys in that app when you slide down you will see an icon of game speed booster.

3. Open Game Speed Booster
 Guys tap on the icon and open that app it ‘ll see you like below in this picture.

4. Now add whatever Game you want to play in it add a home screen Shortcut and whenever you play that game run it Through game speed Booster and you’ll See The Results.



So that’s for today guys Hope you like this post. Still, have problems then Don’t feel shy to ask in Comments thank you.e



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