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How to Sign up for UC News ? Earn Money From UC News

How to Sign up for UC News ? Earn Money From UC News
How to Sign up for UC News ? Earn Money From UC News

do you use UC browser?
do you want to earn money from UC browser?
if you   my do then friend you are at the right place.
hello, guys, my Name is Lokesh from Tech With Logic, and I welcome you to another exciting top Online Money Making article.

guys on our website I provide you quality content that is really helpful for you. In this way to earn money online today I am going to share with you all that How Can You Create UCweb Media account and make money from it. now if you don’t know that what is UC browser and why should you use it instead of other mobile browsers? then let me give answers of all that frequently asked questions.

what is UC Browser?

UC Browser is an Android Mobile Browser. it is just like you use google chrome or any other browser in which you surf internet.UC Browser is Created By UCweb.inc .who are also creators of UC news and etc.

Guys millions of people around the world use UC Browser. this is One Of The Most Popular browsers in the world. if I am not wrong then you also are using UC Browser. tell me in comments if I am wrong.

yes, I agree this Browser is quite laggy and other Browsers like GOOGLE CHROME, PUFFiN BROWSER, and OPERA BROWSER are runs smoothly and doesn’t lag your phone a bit but you have to admit it that none of the browsers provide you download speed like UC Browser.

also recently UC browser app was removed from play store for sharing it’s users’ data. but now guys it’s back and it is much secure.

so, you can use it without any tension.so, I told you that what is UC browser? now we move to our second topic that is UC news . so, now as you know about UC browser now you think that what is UC media ? or what is UC news? now let me tell you more about it.

what is UC Media and UC News?

guys if you are using or ever used UC Browser then you know on the homepage of UC browser when you scroll down you see some news. based on your selection. there is a lot of category of news like politics, cricket, Bollywood and etc.the news are always keep updating.so, what you think who write that news?

if you are thinking the team of UC browser write that news than you are absolutely wrong my dear friend because the team of UC browser only hires people for writing content in that news and people like you me who are  good and love to write and have some talent ,they write posts for UC media or UC News and they become part of UC media.

similarly, UC news is also a new app /website created by UCweb.inc . in this app you get the all the news around the world in your personal language.it could be Hindi, or it could be English. so, the people who work in UC media their news officially publish on uc news app.

so, this is what UC media and UC news are. now you know about them so now you are thinking that how you will earn money from it then let me tell you about it.

how to earn money from UC media?

guys, as I said they hire people who are good at writing content. so, you can also become a publisher. when you post any news people will see it if it is good or it is useful for them.

and the more visitors you get the more money ucweb will give you money. so, that’s how you can earn from UC media.

now you are thinking that you knew everything now but you don’t know how to apply for it? a how you can create an account on UC News?
so, now let’s check out this also.

How To Sign Up For UC News ?

guys, creating an account on UC Media is very easy and I am going to tell you to step by step that how you can create or sign up for UC Media or UC News?
also, I am sharing photos for every step. so, don’t forget to follow the photos also. so let’s start with step 1

step 1:-

         guys, first of all, you need to go on an URL or you can search on google
mp.ucweb.com so, go on this website and you will see the interface like below photo.



so, fill all the information like your full name and password and also verify your email through verification code.
now click on submit.
let’s move to the next step.

Step 2:-

          guys, now you will see a page like below photo. here now you can choose your occupation. that you are a blogger or a writer or a student. so, select your occupation and click on next. now move to our next step.




step 3:-

          now you will see a page like below photos. here you have to submit some of your details and make sure you fill up everything correctly or your account will not be activated. upload your pan card. you can choose on which category you will make news on.if you are a blogger then you can give your blog’s link and can get web2.0 backlink whenever your account gets activated so fill up all of your data and click on submit. now move to our next step.




step 4:-

        now you will see a screen that says your application is pending and it’ll be being reviewed in 3-5 days.
so wait till that time guys and soon you will get mail from them that you are qualified or not. later when your account gets activated you can post news and earn money from it.

so, that’s for today guys. hope you liked this post. don’t forget to share it with your friends. thank you !!!



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