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How to solve you are not authorised for this page issue?



How to solve you are not authorised for this page issue?
Disclaimer:- this article is only for the educational purpose we don’t guarantee if you use it what gonna happen to you !! We are not responsible for that.
Hey guys, I am back with another exciting trick for you and trust me this ‘ll so much helpful for you. Guys as you saw the article name, so I am going to tell you about a serious problem hanging around nowadays which is irritated so many people and made them sad. This article is for them, yes, to make you happy I can do anything 😊. Guys when you surf on web and go on a site which is blocked by your national government or maybe it’s violating the policy it should follow too,then you will a message on that website and you can’t manage to open that site and you can’t do what you want to do or can’t able to download that content you wanted to download then you see a result as a message on screen
That You are not authorised for this page as per the dot.
Yes, this makes you very irritated and sad because you can’t able to do what you wanted to do on that site.


Yes, still that’s illegal content always bann like movie download site, copyrighted content and hacking etc.but still you are a human and you have the right to know about Everything that how it happens?
So, this is why today I am going to tell you that how can you resolve “you are not authorised for this page issue “
So, without wasting time let’s learn it up
So, guys, I want to tell you it’s a simple trick you just have to change some words and it’s going to happen.
Here I am sharing two methods that how can you open a site which for you are not authorised to…

1. Use VPN (virtual proxy network) 

Yes, guys, you are listening right you can open a site which you are not authorised to with a VPN.
Vpn allows you to change your location to a different country and that site which is banned in your country doesn’t mean that it’ll also ban in other countries. So you just have to download a good VPN and then turn it on and then open that site, I am sure it’ll open with that .so this is the first method that how can you resolve “you are not authorised for this page ” issue.
So hopefully it will work for and if it doesn’t !! Then Don’t worry I have the second method also…
Which is here

2. Type A secret word before your site name 

Yes guys when you see a problem like below in the picture


You just have to use https:// before the site name as shown in below picture.
For example, if a site example.com is not opening then you should do https://example.com. And I am sure that it will perfectly work for you.


So that’s for today guys Hope you like it and if you still have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask in Comments. I always reply to them…


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